Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky or SPARKY as we all know them always answers the call when they hear of a pooch in need.  Olga is in great need and now they are calling on all of us.

Usually we introduce you all to a precious pup and ask you to help us find them a furever home.  Today, we are asking you to look deep into your heart and first help Olga get all better.  Friends, meet Olga

SPARKY Pet In Great Need Of Donations

SPARKY got the call from one of our local shelters saying "we have a dog we need you all to take".  When a call like this comes through it can be hard to really and truly envision the exact need.

Here is what SPARKY had to say about Olga;

We asked what was going on. We braced ourselves for parvo, broken limbs, etc. Well....she has a mammary tumor. And boy did she. It was so large it almost dragged the ground.
Yes, we’d take her and we got her into the vet fairly quickly considering their schedules and limitations. Then there was the phone call - she’s heartworm positive and she needs this tumor removed as quickly as possible. It’s more than likely cancer but we won’t know for sure until it’s removed and sent off for analysis.
Meet Olga, the lab with heartworms and a 2 1/2 pound mammary tumor. We are not sure what the future holds for her but we’re gonna do our best to treat her and make her as comfortable as possible.
If you have any extra money to spare, we could sure use it to help with Olga’s surgery and treatment. Also, if anyone is interested in helping Olga through all of this by offering her a place to rest her weary bones, let us know. For now, Olga is safe and she was loved before we knew her.
SPARKY is a non-profit organization and runs strictly on donations from the community and through fundraisers throughout the year.  Medical expenses for operations and heartworm treatments are super expensive.
If you are in the position to help Olga or other pups just like her when the need arises you can email or call 270-684-4787.  You can also message them on the SPARKY Facebook Page.
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