Everyone loves dinner and a show right? This new experience in Nashville is an incredibly unique opportunity for you foodies out there.

It is called Le Petit Chef, and the Grand Hyatt Nashville is host through the end of July  to what is already a wildly popular five course meal. Even though the magic really happens in the kitchen, it seems as though it is happening right on your plate as animated vegetables and utensils dance around the table and a little tiny chef prepares your dinner.

I found this video that is a sneak peek of what you can expect once you are seated.

How cool and whimsical is that?! The vegetables even grow right on the table! Until Le Petit Chef grabs his tiny chainsaw and cuts the broccoli down to cook for you. It's hilarious watching him battle the fly that keeps trying to steal your steak. The server then brings in the real deal and you and your party can chow down.

Here are some of the dishes Le Petit Chef whips up at the Grand Hyatt. Starting with Hand-crafted Burrata of heirloom tomato, amethyst radish, white corn, cucumber, scarlet frill, and chervil vinaigrette. Followed by a Seafood Cioppino with grilled baguette. Chicken Ballotine Forestière, and grilled Filet Mignon come next. Finally, a delicious chocolate dessert with raspberry caramel and vanilla ice cream!

That little guy works hard! There is also a vegetarian menu, children's menu, and an upgraded menu for those wanting an even more elevated experience. The kids meal even comes with a little Le Petit Chef plushie. How cute! Prices ranges from $100 to $200 a plate.  To make a reservation, visit https://lepetitchef.com/Nashville. The sooner the better before it sells out! Bon Appetit!

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