Something I've never really done is recycle all my old magazines, other papers I no longer need. If you know someone who lives in Lexington and its surrounding counties, they will no longer have paper recycling available. 

The city is asking all residents to instead place all paper products, such as office paper, paper towel rolls, newspapers, magazines, in with their normal trash cans. The city can still accept dry corrugated cardboard/ moving and shipping boxes; wet cardboard cannot be recycled.

The reason for this is something I've never been aware of, recycled paper is sold or given away and the global marketplace is seeing few changes. Three nearby mills are expected to receive materials by this fall.

Central Kentucky isn't the first place to suspend some recycling. Many cities across the country have been suspending recycling all together due to China upping its cleanliness standards for recycling materials they purchase.

The city may also have to suspend glass recycling because it can damage equipment at the recycling center.

HERE is a reminder of what you can and cannot recycle locally.

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