If you're heading to Lexington or have been there very recently, you might notice (or might HAVE noticed, as the case may be) signs making a certain requests of residents.

Kentucky's second-largest city is asking residents to not give to panhandlers in order to curb the practice.

Bowling Green's WBKO reports that 46 Lexington intersections now display these signs.

The signs ask drivers to, instead, make donations on a website called Lexgive.com. The exact wording is "change the way you give."

Kentucky's Supreme Court deemed an ordinance that would ban begging on public streets unconstitutional.

According to the report from WBKO, the signs are a way to combat that ruling.

The city passed another ordinance that would prohibit panhandlers from begging in traffic.

That one does make some sense, since there's a public safety issue involved.

We'll see what happens from here.

What do you think about the signs?

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