Little Big Town turned in an intimate, candlelit performance of the ruminative but uplifting ballad 'Sober' at the 2013 CMA Awards on Nov. 6.

The vocal ensemble stood in the center of the stage, surrounded by a ring of candles, which provided a soft glow. It was a different kind of 'Ring of Fire,' if you catch our drift.

Another thing that glowed? The members of LBT themselves, namely Kimberly Schlapman, who wore a million-dollar smile from start to finish. It was clear from her facial expressions that she has a deep connection with this song, and it translated.

The performance-by-candelight delivery ultimately felt like a fireside rendition, transforming the auditorium into somewhere else, which isn't easy to do.

Hundreds of cell phone camera lights flickered in the background and in the crowd, mimicking stars dotting the night sky. Overall, these elements gave LBT's performance a natural, organic vibe.

It was a deceptively simple performance of a moving track.


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