This is news you never want to hear. It's devastating. Owensboro lost Gary Pickrell, owner of Gary's Drive-In. Today we mourn his passing.

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

Gary purchased Carl's back in 2000 and immediately changed the name to Gary's and carried on the drive-in tradition. The drive-in just celebrated 65 years at that location which is a huge milestone. A few years ago Gary's was voted one of the best burgers in Kentucky, according to Best Things Kentucky also named Gary's Drive-In, third best burgers in Kentucky just this year. If you've ever had one, you'd know why Gary's burgers made the list. This is why cars are always circled around the building at lunchtime. My order was always the same at Gary's. A cheeseburger with just ketchup, fries (a little crispy) and a strawberry shake. So good, and I always loved that old time drive-in feel.

Before Gary's Drive-In, many in the community remember Gary, and his smile, inside the grocery store. He managed supermarkets in town, like Foodland on Scherm. He worked for Wyndall's Enterprises for more than 30 years, so more than likely your paths would have crossed at some point in Owensboro.

Gary supported many charities in our community, including the Shriner's Hospital with the Shriners Clowns. He was dedicated to this community. Not only by serving great food, with wonderful service, but helping those in need.

Gary Pickrell, gone too soon, at the age of 70 years-old.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Donna, the entire Pickrell family, friends and the Gary's Drive-In family. The Owensboro community mourns with you.

As part of his Tri-State bucket list, Dave Spencer visited Gary's. He ate some wonderful food and spent time learning about Gary and the drive-in.


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