It's been a hot minute since we have had a measurable amount of snow in the Tri-State.  Five years to be exact.  Families all over are loving the opportunity to get out and play!

Angel here and I remember growing up and hearing big snow was coming.  I remember when I was 15 I lived in Philpot and we got a ton of snow.  There were seven-foot snowdrifts.  All of the people in our neck of the woods decided to go to The Summit and go sledding.  It seemed like a great idea at the time.  We unloaded the sleds and lined up on the hill.  We hoped on the sleds and down the hill, we went.  It was a blast until we got all the way to the bottom and had to climb back up.  Thankfully, we were young and had a ton of energy.  I am not sure this old body could handle it now.

My youngest son, Tucker, literally played in the snow all day on Monday.  We bundled him up and sent him out the door.  Four cups of hot chocolate, several snacks, a sandwich, and many hours later he rolled into the house and upstairs where he fell fast asleep.   Charlotte took 30 minutes to get dressed and stayed outside for about five minutes.  She couldn't be bothered to be cold LOL.

It has been super fun on social media to see all the snow photos and we wanted to share all the memories folks are making with you.


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