As the number one 15-year-old weightlifter in the country, Timothy Davis received an invite to lift for Team USA, at the 2019 Bueños Aires CSLP Cup in Argentina this December.

Tim Davis

The Davis family is quite incredible. They work hard, care about health and fitness in our community with their gym, CrossFit Rugrats / ODC Strength. All of that commitment has paid off for DCHS sophomore, Timothy Davis. Davis recently won the USA Weightlifting National Championship in his age division, and now he's headed to the 2019 Bueños Aires CSLP Cup in Argentina.

Timothy recently swept gold at the American Open Series 3 in Daytona Beach, Florida. He also competed in the Kentucky State Open, sweeping gold and receiving best overall male lifter for his age group. And, he also got best overall out of all lifters youth, junior, and senior. His hard work and dedication to his training, has given him 21 state records that he has set and reset in the past 2 1/2 years. He holds records in both the Youth (17U) and Junior (15-20) division. Davis is destined for greatness in his sport.

Tim Davis

As he was heading to the 2019 Youth National Championships, he had a goal to secure a spot on Team USA. He dominated his age division, winning his second national championship, and did just that. His father, Tim Davis, shared with me, that it's been his goal and dream to compete internationally with Team USA.

All Team USA athletes must be at the top of the National Rankings in their weight class and in the Youth, Junior, or Senior division. Timothy Davis certainly is and deserves this honor to compete at such a high level.

As his fundraising efforts begin, Timothy shared his journey with us. "When I started weightlifting I didn’t really have any big time goals, and I was just doing it because I really liked the weightlifting aspect of CrossFit and it seemed like it would be fun. After my first meet I realized that I could do really well in the sport, so since then I have spent a lot of time and effort trying to be the best I can be. I have been working towards being #1." Davis went on to add, "My lifetime goal is to one day compete at the Olympics."

This is a very expensive, self funded trip to Argentina. Timothy is off to a great start on raising funds, but needs a lot of help. Be watching for fundraisers leading up to the December trip. Updates on those upcoming events can be found on Timothy’s Facebook and Instagram page @timolifts  Also on both Facebook and Instagram, CrossFit Rugrats and ODC Strength. If anyone wants to donate, to help him get to Argentina, you can through Venmo @odc-barbell and put timolifts in the memo.

This family is beyond excited and just wants to say thank you for everyone’s contribution, whether it’s following his journey or participating in any fundraisers.

Timothy said, "I'm excited to compete for our country, our community, and our gym."

Good luck Timothy. The entire community and your WBKR family will be cheering you on in December.

I can't say enough good things about this beautiful, hard-working family.

Tim Davis