Yesterday, we shared a story about snakes moving to higher ground because of all the flooding.  A Daviess County family had their own close snake encounter-->

Chad Maggard, of Owensboro, said he had a contractor over fixing loose siding on his house and out popped this guy.

Chad Maggard

I'm sorry WHAT?!!!!  Ummm this girl would be packing up the house and moving.

They think the snake was trying to get away from all the rain!

Chad Maggard

Chad told me this is like the fifth snake he has seen near his house.  This past winter his family endured major damage from a raccoon that decided to make itself a home in their duct work.

Snake or Raccoon?  I'm not sure which one I'd rather deal with EKKKKK!

They also found this one roaming around last year...NOPE NOPE NOPE!

Chad Maggard