I guess if you actually LIVE in Owensboro, it may never have occurred to you to search the WORD "Owensboro" on a site like amazon.com.

Except for this...

I live in Owensboro, and I did the search.

And, you know something?

As of this writing, there are SIXTEEN pages featuring more than 1500 items!

That number changes frequently.

You'll find a LOT of clothing.

You'll also find all KINDS of books--history books, cookbooks, and fiction.

There's a great deal of recordings--all types--by Owensboro-based artists.

And then there are the odd items like, for example, cool old picture postcards, iPhone cases, onesies, a 1936 newspaper, cuff links, a wine bottle stopper, decorative cupcake picks, a ruler, maps, playing cards, state flags, and mouse pads.

You name it.

Honestly, although I don't wear cuff links, I think the cuff links are my favorite.

BelugaHomeStudio via Amazon

But I'm also intrigued by this book containing transcripts of old U.S. Supreme Court filings including one called Owensboro Nat Bank v. City of Owensboro:

U.S. Supreme Court via Amazon

What about this old 1984 Daviess County High School yearbook? Wait a minute...that's the year I graduated. Okay,so it's not THAT old.

1984 Yearbook Staff of Daviess County High School via Amazon

How about a map of a bicycle route that follows the Underground Railroad from Owensboro to Milford, Ohio?

Michael McCoy, Jennifer H. Milyko, Dennis Coello via Amazon

Or a book of letters written to the Owensboro Inquirer (pre-1923..before the Messenger-Inquirer days) by a traveler in Europe.

W. T. Ellis via Amazon

And, by the way, there are a lot of yearbooks from other high schools, as well, and from many different years.

Plus, those postcards? Amazing!

So, what do you think? Do you know someone who hasn't lived here in a while who's on any of your gift-giving lists?

Maybe there's something here for THEM.