I enjoy Louisville. It has a great zoo. It has great, unique restaurants. It has Bardstown Road, one of my favorite neighborhoods on this planet.

They have awesome haunted attractions during Halloween season.

They have awesome holiday attractions during Christmas season.

There's a Bass Pro Shops right across the river.

Cool city.

But Louisville drivers? That's another story.

I have friends in Louisville, so I hope this does not apply to them.

I don't think it does.

But every time I go to Louisville, it feels like every driver has turned into Mr. Hyde when they get behind the wheel.

They honk about EVERYTHING. They expertly cut me off. And, by that, I mean they do it without ever coming close to causing an accident. You have to hand to them, I guess.

Now, I say this because I've come across a survey at QuoteWizard.com that says that of all the major cities in the country, Louisville has the second-best drivers.

For a second, I thought they meant some OTHER city named Louisville. But, no, they're talking about the one in Kentucky.

In fact, Quote Wizard goes on to say that Louisville has never ranked worse than 17th.

Seriously, am I visiting a Louisville in an alternate universe, because I have anything but high praise for many of my driving experiences in Derby City.

Quote Wizard did have one complaint about the Ville. Apparently, there are a lot of traffic citations issued.

And THAT begs the question, "Then why are they second best drivers in the nation?"

I don't get it.

By the way, Lexington is 10th (I don't mind their drivers; it's the way Lexington streets are laid out.)

Also of interest...Nashville is ranked 34th on the WORST drivers list.

I have an easier time driving in Nashville than I do Louisville, but I will admit that Quote Wizard isn't necessarily wrong about Music City.

It's just a different situation down there. I get that Nashville drivers all seem paranoid when they're driving, not aggressive.

Oh well. This is all very subjective, I suppose.

The biggest surprise? Atlanta is on the worst list but way down at number 38.

If it was up to me, I'd move it to the top. But they didn't ask me.

They never do.

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