This is absolutely hilarious.  And, if you're a dog lover like me, you're going to be all over this.  A couple of weeks ago, my mom asked me if I could send her picture of Ellie.  Ellie is one of our four rescue dogs.  We always joke around that she is "Kevin's dog" because she acts just like him.  She barks, doesn't really like people that much, wants everything on her terms and gets tired of folks (and other dogs) real quick.  LOL!  I had no idea why mom was asking for a photo.  She just said that she was getting something made for Kevin.  Well, that "something" was this!


Yes!  That's a pair of socks and that's Ellie's face on them.  How hysterical is that??

The socks were manufactured by Cuddle Clones, which is a Louisville, Kentucky-based company.  I had no idea.  But, yes!  Cuddle Clones is located in my old stomping grounds near the Highlands.  They're located at 445 Baxter Avenue and online at

The company's biggest claim to fame is the fact that they make plush replicas of your pet.  Seriously!  Think of a stuffed version of your pet that wasn't created by a taxidermist.  But, in addition to making life-like replicas of your favorite fur baby, they will also put your favorite pet's mug on, well, a mug.  LOL.  Or golf balls, or blankets, or t-shirts, or tumblers, or socks!

I have to say.  The pair of socks my mom bought Kevin are perfection.  They took a photo of Ellie and captured her brilliantly.  I mean, look at that face.  She knows she's America's Next Top Dog Model.

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