You take a wooded area, load it up with ghosts and goblins and who knows WHAT else and just stand back in the shadows and watch.

Or maybe if you ARE one of the ghosts or goblins or who knows what else, you'll probably be too busy to just stand back and watch. You'd have a job to do, and that would be to scare visitors and Louisville's creepy Grim Trails.

Described as an immersive walk through the woods, Grim Trails offers guests an opportunity to experience a deep dive into scary myths, legends, and fairy tales.

If you've been before, know that Grim Trails has moved to a new location, but it will be just as terrifying. From the Grim Trails website:

For 2022, we've built an entirely new trail, featuring both fan-favorite and freshly unearthed scenes! Creep into the Witch's Candy Cottage, wander the wicked woods of the Wendigo, and face a string of frights in Gepetto's workshop. We are the longest walkthrough attraction in town--our 1/2 mile-long trail is not for the faint of heart!

Since it opened in 2015, Grim Trails has been racking up awards right and left. That includes being named among the top five haunted houses nationally in 2020 by Hauntfinder General--the same year it was chosen as the #1 haunted trail and the #2 most unique attraction.

If you plan on attending, keep in mind the organizers of Grim Trails do not recommend bringing children under the age of 10; they feel the attraction is far too scary for kids that young. Additionally, strollers, costumes, and masks are not permitted.

But what IS permitted is YOU enjoying one of the scariest nights of your life in what seems like one of the nation's most increasingly frightening Halloween cities...take a bow, Louisville.

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