When your "prank" requires a visit from the Hazardous Devices Unit of the Owensboro Police Department and said device has to be DETONATED, guess what! It's not a prank!

According to 14News/WFIE's Evan Gorman, that's what 39-year-old Jerrod Larkins has learned after a suspicious package was found in Madisonville neighborhood and the device in question had to removed with the OPD's hazardous device robot.

The cylindrically-shaped object, which had wires attached to it and was discovered in a mailbox, will be examined at the state lab.

Gorman also says the 14 crew heard "a loud boom" while on the scene.

Homes in the area had to be evacuated in order for authorities to complete their work and remove the device.

Larkins has been charged with terroristic threatening.


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