Of all the classic kids' Christmas specials that have aired throughout the decades, Frosty the Snowman is the one I got tired of first.


However, it was the only one of the bunch that ever made me cry. I would turn to my mother and she would explain..."Well, he's made of snow and the sun came out and he melted." No point beating around the bush. Besides, even FROSTY knew his days were numbered; it says so right there in the song.

Despite the fact that I think certain snowmen are vaguely creepy--and don't get me started on those enormous inflatables--I really enjoy building a good snowman, even if I'm not crazy about the amount of snow we'd need for that to happen.

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While we don't see large amounts of the white stuff in these parts EVERY winter, we have had some doozies when it comes to winter storms. In Florida, however, a "doozy" would probably be three snowflakes on a windshield. Then, the next thing you know, there's a run on parkas in Tallahassee. Actually, if Tallahassee did see any snow, it WOULD be a surprise but not as big as if snow fell on Riverview, a suburb in the Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolitan area.


And that's likely why Robin Hughes' kindergarten students at SouthShore Charter Academy in Riverview looked at her like she grew horns after she read them a book about snow. And that makes sense to me; in kindergarten, kids are five or six years old. And her group of students is too new to the planet to have ever had the opportunity to see snow.

So she came up with a pretty cool idea.

Robin's sister Amber lives in Danville, Kentucky, and back in January, Danville got 10 inches of snow. That's MORE than enough to build a good snowman. And that is exactly what Amber did. But this one was special. This snowman was scheduled for a trip via the United States Postal Service to south Florida so that her sister's students could actually see snow.

Amber packaged the snowman--whom she named Lucky--in a container that kept it frozen for the length of the journey and it did arrive intact, to the delight of her sister's students.

How much fun for the kids, right?

There must have been some magic in that old shipping container she found.

[SOURCE: Southern Living]

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