As parents, we don't always make the most expert decisions in life.  Like when your child's pet dies or you think it does so you dispose of it only to have it show back up at your house a week later-->

Danielle Hardison had an unfortunate experiences with her son's bearded dragon.  Here's what happened.

Danielle's Facebook post:

Seriously about to confess on FB something HORRIBLE, but HILARIOUS... sooo the first week of summer break the kids had been sleeping in late so I was feeding all the animals to keep them on schedule. Well when I went to Jojo’s room the “Triple B” lizard was dead (or I thought so anyways). Normally she was hissing and jumping at me as I open the lid. That day she wasn’t. Her eyes were shut and she never moved even when I picked her up‍♀️ so I put her on the egg crate (that I had crickets on) took her behind cemetery in the woods and pitched her ‍♀️ of course she landed on a tree branch and I had to wait for her to drop before leaving. Really this was my luck If she wasn’t 100% dead then she was for sure now. I wanted her “buried” by time Jojo woke up. When he finally woke up I told him she had died I was secretly rejoicing ! She was so mean and I had done every single thing by the book with her. I asked pet store, vet, and researched everything I could on her. No one knew why she was mean it’s just not their nature. So they told me several tricks to try and none work. I really tried!!!
Needless to say guys she is alive and running loose. Brent about died himself from rotfl. He was walking the dog and seen her. He felt horrible and couldn’t confess what I had done. anyways You can’t catch her by hand she will bite. I SWEAR SHE IS A DEVIL!! Guess we’ll have to sit a trap to get her back, because Jojo is so excited she is ALIVE why?!?
Update: She has been caught! Yay I’m so excited


Now there is a lesson here.  Before you go tossing your children's pets to the woods when you think they may have died make sure they are good and gone or you may get a hilariously frightening surprise later on!

I think she should have tried CPR LOL!

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