Angel Here!  Last week we began our 6-week journey with Edge Body and BKR Boot Camp.  I wanted to introduce you to my team.  My first member is Amber Dych!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Amber for several years now as I took care of her boys at Summer Day Camp when I was Day Camp Director for Parks.  They whole family is amazing!

Amber is from Owensboro.  She will be married 16 years to Bob in July.  She has two boys:  Ethan 14 (almost 15) and Eli 13.

Amber works for US Bank and will celebrate her 10 year anniversary in July.

I asked Amber what her goals were for boot camp and she said "HAVE FUN and drop some pounds!  She wants to get rid of at least 10-15 in 6-weeks.

Amber told me her motivation is life, family and watching her boys grow.  Her granny died of a heart attack in her early 50's and her mom has had two so far but still strong and sassy.  She wants to get her health back on track and not have to worry about those things.

Her favorite quote "To Give Anything Less than Your Best Is To Sacrifice The Gift"

Amber says she is super competitve and when she finds her groove there is no stopping her.  I can attest to that!  She has been attending multiple boot camps since we started and one day last week she sent me a text of the Convention Center stairs.  While everyone else was eating at a work event...Amber was doing cardio!

Angel Welsh
Angel Welsh

Amber you are an inspiration and I am super proud of you already!  I cannot wait to see what we can do together with our team!  KEEP PUSHING!

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