Ashley Adams and Jennifer Glenn come from a long line of firefighters.  It only made sense for them to follow in the footsteps of their family members-->

Jennifer Glenn has been a firefighter on the St Joe Fire Department for 15+ years (and continues to be the only female) along with her husband Scott who has been on for 25+ years. She joined the department to help serve her community and has done so on countless medical runs, vehicle accidents, structure fires, and numerous other calls over the years. She also trains a countless amount of hours each year.  She and her husband are passing on the tradition to the next generation, their sons Blake and Logan who have also joined the department.

Ashley Adams has always looked up to her sister, Jennifer, and wanted to follow in her footsteps. Through her job at the Division for Air Quality, she has been able to meet and work with Firefighters all across the Commonwealth over the past decade—even developing a training course to further assist them in their duties.  Finally, last year after overcoming several personal obstacles, she joined the Airport-Sorgho Fire Department and immediately began training. Just before participating in the 2019 Sweatin for St Jude event, she completed her final hours for her 150-hour certification. Her boyfriend is also a firefighter.

They have numerous family members spread across Daviess and McLean counties who are firefighters as well.

While they have yet to fight on an actual fire scene together, they know that time will come and will be ready to face the blaze together.

They also plan on putting together an all-female team for next year’s Firefighter Challenge at the County Fair.

They never intended on making history as the first sisters in the Daviess County fire service, but its' awesome and they are proud to hold that title.

Their mom, Rose Murphy, still can’t believe she raised a family of firefighters, but she says can see the "fire" in their eyes and the dedication in their hearts and couldn’t be prouder.

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