Angel Here!  This week I am highlighting my AWESOME BKR Boot Camp teammates.  Meet Garrett Iglehart-->

Everyone say HELLO to Garrett!  Garrett is HAPPILY married to wife D'Arcy (Team Barb).

Garrett is the Operations Manager at the Crop Production Services in Beaver Dam.  He also farms with his dad, uncle, and cousin in Centertown.

I asked Garrett what he wanted to get out of Boot Camp.  He told me he wants to feel comfortable in his own skin.  He said "I've always been big and stout.  I don't plan on getting skinny, just in better shape and start living a healthier lifestyle."

He told me he is most excited about competing with his wife D'Arcy!  He said "Competition challenges me.  I am driven to work, I love to work.  When I get home I am usually tired and don't have much motivation.  But this challenge is gonna drive me!"

His favorite quote:  Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Shawshank Redemption)

Garrett was super sweet in sending well wishes to Team Barb on being the first loser!

Garrett has been pushing himself and also helping to push his wife while she has been trying to sabatoge his efforts!  The night before his weigh in she made Barbeque Chicken and invited family over!  Alright D'Arcy...we see you and we have your number girl!

Proud of you Garrett!  You will be an amazing success and so blessed by your results at the end of this however it is only the beginning of a healthier happier YOU!

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