Angel Here!  We are three weeks into our 6-week journey with Edge Body and BKR Boot Camp.  I wanted to introduce you to my last team.  Say a big HELLO to Jenni Robertson!

Jenni Robertson
Jenni Robertson

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jenni through my husband Joe because her fiance and Joe are hunting buddies!

Jenni is from Owensboro.  She is engaged to Chad and together they have 3 children and 3 fur babies.

Jenni works for the Daviess County Board of Education.

I asked Jenni what her goals were for boot camp and she said "get in shape and be able to keep up with these kids!"

Jenni told me she most looks forward to finding people who have similar goals that can help motivate me to stay on track!  She said her family motivates her.

Her favorite quote "Nothing Good In Life Comes Easy."

Jenni has been working super hard on this journey and I have loved hearing from her each day as our team communicates through texts!

I am super proud of Jenni and her hard work.  She is quiet but fun and I am so glad to have her as a part of TEAM ANGEL~

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