Erica Cooley and her husband, Randy, live in Newburgh. Randy is constantly feeding the birds in their neighborhood and he was trying to prevent the squirrels from eating bird seed until he met Sylvia.

Erica said her husband started noticing the same squirrel show up as he would feed the birds.  She would come down one of their trees and get super close.  Randy started buying peanuts and placing them on the deck.  Eventually, Sylvia started making a daily appearance on their deck.  Often after she would eat she would get cozy and take a nap on their deck.

Erica Cooley

Erica decided to take pictures of her because she was so funny all sprawled out on the deck.  She told me she thinks she was trying to stay cool in the hot summer sun.  They left peanuts out for her and now she visits on a daily basis.


Erica Cooley

Now she takes them out of their hands and expects that they will have them ready for her.

I love that Syliva and the Cooley family have become such great friends.  Do you have any adopted pets like squirrels or birds?  Show us their pictures if you have them.