Angel here!  Today is National Bow Day and moms of the Tri-State are uniting-->

It is no secret that I love putting BIG bows on my daughter, Charlotte.  I wanted to share some of her biggest bows with you on National Bow Day.

I also asked Mom's in the Tri-State to share their BIG BOWS and I am proud to say I am not alone.  Some of my favorite Big Bow quotes:

  • The Bigger The Bow The Better The Mom
  • The Bigger The Bow The Closer To Jesus
  • If All Else Fails Wear A Bigger Bow
  • I Like Big Bows & I Cannot Lie
  • I Have A Big Attitude But My Bow Is Bigger

Uncle Chad is always saying Charlotte will need a Chiropractor when she is older.  All these girls may all need a chiropractor later in life but that is the price to pay for beauty!