It's BACK!  The Inner Glitter Pageant for women and girls with special needs and they are looking for contestants-->

Paisley is an 11 year old fifth grader at Beaver Dam Elementary School.  She has always loved helping the special needs students get ready for prom and dances by doing their hair and makeup.  One night she was preparing for her own pageant and talking about it with all the girls.  They were so intrigued and they wanted to know more.  Paisley began showing them how to walk and they began to pretend to be in a pageant.  They all kept talking about wanting a crown of their own and later that night Paisley decided she wanted to give one of her crowns to Raven a student of with Down syndrome.  Raven didn't take that crown off for a week.  After seeing this Paisley wanted to know if there were any pageants for the girls to do.  They searched but nothing came up locally so Paisley decided she would just create one of her own and this began the planning of the Inner Glitter Pageant!

The pageant will take place Sunday, April 28, at 4 p.m. at the Ohio County Community Center.  There is no fee for this pageant and it is not restricted to Ohio County residents.  Women and girls from all around are welcome!  They would love to get as many participants as possible!

Every contestant will receive a crown, t-shirt and gift bag.  Everyone is a winner! This is to encourage friendships, confidence and most importantly fun!

Participants need to be registered by Thursday, March 28.  Please message your name, age, where you are from, hobbies, favorite food and favorite color!


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