Today is Moon's last day at WBKR - he's retiring. Several folks have wished Moon well on his journeys. See some of our favorites below and visit our Facebook to give Moon an "adios" too!

Mary Moore Will miss hearing you in the morning. Love the interplay between you and Chad. Enjoy going back to your roots. Hope you and yours enjoy the future
Lou Ann Bearley Going to miss you voice and your jovial manner every morning when I'm getting ready for work! Best wishes for a happy retirement.
Carol Grant Happy retirement moon. We are going to miss you so much, I've been in tears all morning. It's like saying goodbye to a family member. Tell Chadwick Jerame Benefield Nicholas is ready to fill in;)
Merranda Smith Happy retirement Moon. Going to miss you...your radio voice has been so wonderful through the years. There in happy, sad, and helpful times. Blessings to you wherever you go!
Glenna Glasgow Sigler Oh wow!!! Oh how I am going to miss you Moon!! I know I don't live in Kentucky but I do listen to you and Chadwick Jerame Benefield on the computer!!! It has been great knowing you!!! I hope you have a great retirement!!! Enjoy your family time!!!
Vicki Swift Ellis Can't believe your last day is today, listen every morning and going to miss seeing you when doing event promotions. Always smiling always friendly and supportive, look out Texas here comes Moon! Congratulations.
Alisia Walling Hardin My aunt Dorothy walling loved him. I think she may have driven him a little crazy for years calling in our family birthdays and Vince Gill requests. Happy trails you will be missed. I love me some Texas too
Stephen Thompson (with apologies to the Harry Chapin Estate) ♫ He was the morning DJ at WBKR; Playing all the hits for you whether you were near or far; The bright good morning voice you heard while in your car... ♫
Joyce Lee Boswell You must be very proud as you look back on a lifetime of hard work challenges and success. You have more than earned this opportunity to take some time for yourself and I wish you every happiness for this new phase in your life. Best wishes for a happy retirement...

Joseph Kelly Congrats Moon on your retirement. Be careful and enjoy it hon.

Joseph Kelly's photo.

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