I was a judge at the Battle for the Big O Audition during which Central City's Courtney Peveler performed. I always enjoy judging for the Battle, but my favorite part is discovering new talent. And Courtney has talent to SPARE. And there's something more.

It's hard to explain since it's an intangible quality, but she really has a command of the audience by having such an effortless command of the stage, her guitar, and the music she is performing, whether it's a cover or an original composition.

So, I'm very happy to see that she is starting to get gigs in Nashville.

I've told any number of aspiring musicians that being in Nashville as much as possible is the only way it's going to happen. Get those gigs. Eat Spam. Eat peanut butter. Eat baloney. Eat Ramen noodles.

Do what it takes to get heard and get your talent out there.

Sunday night, Courtney performed at Belcourt Taps, a very cool little night spot in Hillsboro Village, a very cool little Nashville neighborhood.

And if you haven't seen her perform, check out her audition from the Barbecue Festival:

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