Old National’s Chairman and CEO, Jim Ryan, honored Jamie for her leadership contributions and volunteer efforts. Jamie had no idea she was going to win the award that also comes with $1,000 to donate to her favorite charity.

Old National Bank via Facebook Video

I've known Jamie Wells for many years. Go to any event in Greenville and there's Jamie front and center. Giving her time, showing community pride, and flashing that beautiful smile. Events like Saturday's on the Square, Squash & Gobble, or any other event in town, can't happen without dedicated volunteers. But, this past year was different without these treasured events. It didn't stop Miss Jamie. During the pandemic, Jamie took volunteering to a whole 'nother level. She deserves this award, community thanks, and so much more! #proud

I reached out to Jamie to talk about this strange pandemic year for volunteering, "In previous years, like so many of my fellow Old National teammates, I have been actively engaged in a variety of community organizations, civic groups, and non-profit efforts. In 2020, the face of community service changed for everyone. As we found ourselves facing an unprecedented global pandemic, virtual meetings, halted gatherings, online fundraising events, and more became a ‘new norm’. This shift created quite a change in how our communities needed our “service”.", She shared.

Jamie went on the add, "Community service in the past for me, has been very “hands-on”. In 2020, the hands-on efforts were “hands-on the keyboard”! In March, our very proactive Judge Executive assembled a Muhlenberg County COVID-19 Task Force, and I had the privilege of tackling the Public Relations and Marketing needs of this newly formed team."

She was also involved in a special "HOPE" campaign, "In early fall, leaders from the Felix E. Martin, Jr. Foundation launched a new PR campaign in the county that focuses on infusing HOPE into the community. Participation on this committee has afforded me the opportunity to design a logo for the campaign, develop hashtags, create graphic designs for social media posts and billboards, design informational flyers, newspaper ads, etc…The mission of this initiative is now branded to #SpreadHopeInstead and #MaskUpMuhlenberg.", Jamie shared.

Jamie concluded, "Volunteerism has truly given me the opportunity to continue to serve the community I love, and I HOPE that perhaps in some indirect way has helped #SpreadHopeInstead."

Folks , THIS is how you step up and volunteer during a pandemic! #goals

Old National Bank via Facebook

The video presentation of the the 2020 Wayne Henning Volunteer of the Year Award, from the Old National Bank Facebook Page wouldn't allow me to share it, but you can CLICK HERE to view it.

Congratulations to Jamie Wells, ONB Volunteer of the Year for 2020

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