If you all haven't figured out yet I love to talk about my kids and all their crazy shenanigans!  Having kids is ALWAYS entertaining and exhausting at the same time.  Especially when you have more than one.

Yesterday afternoon when I walked in the door my son Braden immediately began asking if I would take him to the park to play basketball, Tucker, 3, wanted me to play cars with him, Charlotte is teething and just wanted to be held, and Parker needed homework help.  There is only one "ME!"  While my husband is amazing at lending a hand sometimes they just need "Momma Time."

Let me be honest!  I am not a SUPER MOM (not even mediocre mom) and have never claimed to be.  I often overextend myself because I have a problem saying "NO!"

After adding Charlotte to the equation last November, I quickly learned no would need to  become  a regular part of my vocabulary...I am still a work in progress.

It's a balancing act.  I work a full-time job, part-time job, have my own skin care business, and volunteer in the community all on top of first being a wife and mother.  I would dare to say every parent reading this can relate.

I have learned a few ways to spend more quality time with my children even if only for a bit.  I hope these tips help those of you struggling to make it all fit:


1. One-on-one time: I try to do date times with each of my children.  Even if it is something as small as going to McDonald's and getting an ice cream cone or as big as a trip to the movies.  Sometimes my husband Joe, will take Charlotte so I can have time with the older ones.  This gives him special time with her and everyone wins!  Sit down with your kids and ask them date ideas, then plan time together.  It gives everyone something to look forward too and makes them feel they are a priority.

Ice Cream Date

2. Incorporate time each day:  My kids love being a part of my day.  Whether I am making dinner, grocery shopping, or getting a short run in they want to join me.  Let them help you by contributing to the daily activities.   It may be more timely for you but it's creating memories for the whole family.

Tuck Runs With Me

3. Special Traditions:   The reality is we're not going to be able to spend quality time with our kids everyday.  One thing that keeps us connected are what I call 'silent traditions' like little notes on the dry erase board or a napkin in their lunchbox, a special treat in their backpack, or even sneaking a selfie or video to say "Hi" on their phone if they have one.  These are personalized and leave your child feeling special because you took time just for them!

4. Prioritize:  Sometimes just pushing everything else behind you is a must!  Leave work behind, put your phone down, and detach from the rest of the world.  Kids grown up fast, you will never get this time back.  Take a moment to just be SILLY!  I look at my older boys and think where did the time go?!  Soak it all in and take a mental snap shot of these memories sometimes as parents they are few and far between!

Day Date W/My older boys

REMEMBER:  Kids and time are a precious gift.  Proceed with caution, care, and RELAX they know you love them!