I'm often asked about the celebrities that I meet working as a DJ. I get all kinds of questions... Who was a diva? Was so-and-so really cute in person? Who is the nicest? Well, after Saturday night, I definitely have to add an artist to the nice list.  I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Aaron Tippin before his set at the Beaver Dam Amphitheater and he was beyond friendly.

Take a look at our video! Oh, Chris Janson was rocking it out on stage, so you'll hear him in the background, ha!

Seriously y'all, how can you not love him?!? He spoke to every single person he came across backstage, especially the police officers, EMT and military personnel. Even when he really didn't have time right before his show, he made time for anyone and everyone that stopped to say hi.
Sorry Sam Hunt, but you have been replaced by Aaron Tippin as my crush, ha!


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