A couple of weeks ago, I was goofing around on YouTube and came across video of Jenny Beth Willis of Owensboro covering "Over You" by Miranda Lambert.  I posted that video here at WBKR.com and something clicked.  YouTube is FULL of undiscovered talent and some of the folks out there put some really cool twists on country songs that we know and love.  So, here at WBKR.com, I am going to begin a weekly feature called "Chad's Country-Fried YouTube Cover of the Week!"  And, I am pleased to present my first official selection.  It's a cover of Kip Moore's "Somethin' Bout a Truck" by the Mabaleka Brothers.  Enjoy!

I love these guys!  Now, I will admit.  The vocals aren't always pitch-perfect.  Some of the harmonies are all over the place and I howled when the word 'mumbles' popped up on the screen.  Obviously, one of the brothers forgot a few of the words.  LOL.  But, I give them a pass.  And, here's why.  There is something infectious about the spin these guys give Kip's song.  "Somethin' Bout a Truck" is one of my favorite songs on the charts right now and the Mabaleka Brothers give it a fresh little twist.  I like their style . . . a lot.  At the time I posted this video, it had gotten some 17,000-plus views on YouTube.  So, apparently, a lot of folks are digging these guys.

The Mabaleka Brothers, Malusi and Bukhosi, were born in Zimbabwe.  However, they now live in Ontario, Canada and have dreams of becoming country music's next big duo!  Check out their official Facebook page and be on the lookout for MabalekaBrothers.com, which is currently under construction!