Arconic--a spin-off of ALCOA--launched in November of 2016 when it separated from its parent company's bauxite and aluminum products units.

On its website, Arconic describes itself as a "global leader in multi-material, precision-engineered products and solutions for high-growth markets."

Bottom line: I, personally, won't be using this particular company. But it's not the type of company FOR someone like me.

But I will say this...I can't stop watching its new commercial:

I love this idea. Growing up, that was what everyone my age used as a reference point for the future.

"Oh, that's just like on The Jetsons."

Or, "I wish we could do it like they do on The Jetsons."

For a comparison, check out the original opening sequence from that iconic animated series:

Now, check out a "making of" video for the commercial wherein our generation's idea of the future BEING The Jetsons is referenced AND was the jumping-off point for the ad's concept.


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