NASCAR scheduled a press conference for this afternoon where they’ll detail competition changes for 2017. Here’s what we know so far. reported earlier today that Nascar is set to announce a new points system and race format at a 5:30 press conference this afternoon.

It is expected that starting this year, races will be broken into multiple segments with bonus points awarded for leading those segments.

Under the current points system, the winner of the race gets 40 points, plus three bonus points. The points count down in intervals of one point, with the second-place finisher getting 39 points, third place 38, etc., down to 40th place, which is worth one point. Any driver who leads a lap gets one bonus point and the driver who leads the most laps gets one bonus point.

Thus, the maximum any driver can get in one race is 45 points: 40 for winning, three bonus points for winning, one bonus point for leading a lap and one bonus point for leading the most laps.

That scoring system will be modified for 2017, multiple sources have confirmed to

NASCAR officials were working throughout the weekend to finalize the format changes. Throughout the process, they have met with representatives from the NASCAR Driver Council, the automakers, track operators, sponsors and others.

Tonight’s press conference will include NASCAR executives, Cup drivers, team representatives and track representatives.

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