It's National Puppy Day and I am celebrating by sharing pics of my dogs with you guys!  As you all know (or likely know), all of my animals are rescues.  And it just so happens that I have three Bichon Frises.  And here are some pics of Dolly, Ellie and their new little brother, Yogi!

Sunday was bath day!   After a bath and a blow dry, the dogs look like they have been electrocuted.  Literally!  They look like big fluffy white clouds with paws!


Here's Dolly!  This is what she looked like right after her bath (which she hates).


Notice the copper?  She's a drama queen and she cries a lot.  And the tears stain her face.  Seriously.  This dog has a mental meltdown anytime she hears thunder or sees me drag a suitcase out of the closet.  #DogOnTheVergeOfANervousBreakdown

Here's Ellie!  Don't ooh and aah just yet.  She's normally not this precious.


This is most definitely NOT her normal state.  Her normal state is barking at anyone who looks like an intruder.  And if you were to actually walk into my house, she would bark at you until you left.  She's not a fan of visitors.

Yogi is a sleeper too.  And he's rotten!  Here he is with Kevin.


Now, normally Yogi is running around like a freak.  He goes insane if he hears the neighbor's dogs.  He constantly tries to dry hump Dolly.  He gets mad if one of the other dogs gets more attention than he does.  And he's DRAMA!  Plus, he terrorizes Oprah the Cat constantly.  But the other day, instead of trying to chase her around the house, he decided to use her as a pillow.


Happy National Puppy Day!  I hope your puppies (or dogs) bring you as much happiness and as many laughs as these three (and Oprah) bring me!


And, please!  Share photos of your puppies with us by commenting with the Facebook feature below.



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