Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, has been working intently to prepare a brand-new coaster for Summer 2021.  The result the Jurassic Park "VelociCoaster".

Angel here and there are two things I absolutely love:  Roller Coasters and the Jurassic Park movies.  I know complete shocker but it's true.  Now, I am not a fan of large wooden ones as much as I am the steel beasts but I do have a love of the design of coasters in general.

Universal Studios has partnered with the makers of the Jurassic World series to "roll" out this incredible coaster.

According to Entertainment Weekly;

the thrilling Jurassic World: VelociCoaster attraction will take riders through elaborate rockwork and waterfalls inside a Velociraptor compound, within which a high-speed launch will send riders through inversions and over-banked turns before a second, 70 m.p.h. launch sends them up a 155-foot spike looming over the park's lagoon near the Jurassic Park welcome center.


There isn't word yet on exactly when the coaster will actually be completely open.  They have been doing test rides during the month of February.  The coaster will be located inside Islands of Adventure in the Park.

Riders will have the opportunity to try and spot characters from the movie and even outrun a velociraptor or two.

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