In addition to the extended tax deadline, July 15th is also the day several new laws will go into effect in Kentucky.

Here are some highlights from a news release issued by Kentucky Legislative Research Commission Public Information Director Robert Weber.


Among the new laws to go into effect next week, the voter ID bill will require voters to have photo identification ready when they head to the polls. This begins with the November election.


Once certain regulations are in place, distillers, wineries, and breweries will be able to ship directly to consumers in and out of Kentucky with a limit of 10 liters of distilled spirits, 10 cases of wine, and 10 cases of malt beverages per month. Shipping to dry territories and communities will be prohibited.


It will now be required that a national anti-human trafficking hotline number be advertised in airports, at truck stops, and in train and bus stations. Posters with this information are currently posted in rest areas. Specific human trafficking offenses have been added to the definition of a sex crime.


Veterinarians will now be allowed to report cases of abuse of animals under their care. At present, they are prohibited from reporting such abuse unless they have the owner's permission or are under a court order.


Above-ground natural gas and petroleum pipelines in addition to certain cable TV facilities will be specified as unsuitable areas for drone flights. And it will considered a felony to tamper with such assets.


The Kentucky Eating Disorder Council, established by Senate Bill 82, will oversee the development and implementation of eating disorder awareness, education, prevention, and research programs.


The establishment of the Kentucky Mental Health First Aid Training Program is aimed at training professionals and members of the public to identify and assist people with mental health or substance abuse problems.


Sex offenders are already prohibited from living with 1,000 feet of publicly owned parks. House Bill 204 will add publicly leased playgrounds.


Beginning August 1st, student IDs for middle and high school and for college students will have to list contacts for national crisis hotlines specializing in domestic violence, sexual assault, and suicide prevention.

These laws will all take effect Wednesday, July 15th, 2020.

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