Angel here!  This week's bargain is super fun and special.  I love shopping thrift and consignment so I was excited to hear one of my favorite places had expanded right here in Owensboro.

New Lift Thrift located at the corner of 4th and Crabtree is an awesome place to find great deals, cool antique furniture, and lots of other knick knacks for awesome prices.

I learned just over a mont ago that they were going to expanding and opening a $1 store.  Yes where everything clothes, shoes, and purses are $1.  Other household items may vary in price.

I almost did a backflip and then realized my poor body couldn't handle it!

The store hours are:

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday-10 a.m.-3 p.m.

I visited the store over Christmas vacation and bought some really nice shoes and several other items and spent $10!  Major bargain score.

The Thrifty Dollar is just one block south of New Lift Thrift on the corner of 5th and Crabtree.

Go get your bargain shopping on!

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