John Calipari will be able to extend his coaching style a bit next season. The NCAA has made a rule change which extend's the coach's box by 10 feet. The UK coach has always been notorious for breaching the 28 foot boundary. 

Kansas v Kentucky
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I know, I know, Cal is just one example. The rule change will let coaches communicate with their players a little easier, especially when the coach's team is at the opposite end of the floor.

Another big rule change, the shot clock will be reset to 20 seconds when a ball is inbounded in the front court after a defensive foul; and if the clock shows more than 20 seconds, the clock will not be reset. That could get picky if there's say 19 or 21 seconds left.

The SEC is getting their say in a new rule change.

  • The Southeastern Conference received approval for its request to use a separate individual or individuals to collaborate with the on-court officials on all monitor reviews during its league games during the 2017-18 season. This collaboration will take place from a central location that is not at the game site.

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