Kentucky ranks fourteenth worst in the nation for drug use according to the latest data from the personal-finance website, WalletHub. The research reveals there's a long way to go to address the prevention and treatment of drug addiction in the Commonwealth.

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Do you know someone who has a drug problem? Chances are you're not alone. Addiction can affect people from every walk of life. It's one of the most prominent problems many families contend with today. While there's no way to predict whether a person will become addicted to drugs, there is help available if they do. According to this new study, Kentuckians have a long way to go to combat this issue.

Drug addiction can start with the use of prescription drugs or recreational drugs.

According to Leon F Seltzer, Ph.D. from Psychology Today, We’re vulnerable to getting hooked on anything that helps us feel better.

* If a substance or activity helps a person avoid confronting painful feelings, it’s all too easy for it to become habitual.

* Addiction can biochemically hijack the brain’s normal functioning.

* Only when the underlying causes of addiction are identified and appropriately addressed can it be successfully treated.



During National Prevention Week, the consumer finance website WalletHub released a new study that reveals Kentucky ranks fourteenth in the nation for states with the biggest drug abuse problem. There were more than 103,500 drug overdose deaths in the 12 months ending in November 2022, revealing an alarming issue to overcome.

This study compares the 50 states and the District in terms of 20 key metrics, ranging from arrest and overdose rates to opioid prescriptions and employee drug testing laws.

While New Mexico, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia have the highest amount of drug abuse among states, Kentucky ranks 14th overall.

States with the Biggest Drug Problems

1. New Mexico
2. West Virginia
3. District of Columbia
4. Louisiana
5. Colorado
6. Missouri
7. Arkansas
8. Nevada
9. Oklahoma
10. Michigan
11. Tennessee
12. Indiana
13. Alaska
14. Kentucky


Source: WalletHub


If you're suffering from any addiction there are many resources in Daviess County to consider. According to, Kentucky had the third highest drug overdose rate throughout the United States and Washington, DC, in 2020. Of those deaths, 85.2% involved some opioids, and 44.9% involved at least one stimulant (cocaine or meth) proving this help is desperately needed.

Spero Health
4505 Lucky Strike Loop
(270) 240-4892

Daviess Treatment Services
3032 KY-144
(270) 685-5029

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital
1201 Pleasant Valley Road
Owensboro, KY 42303

River Valley Behavioral Health Hospital
1000 Industrial Drive
Owensboro, KY 42301

Friends of Sinner's Inc
320 Clay St,
Owensboro, KY 42303
(270) 689-9174

Owensboro Regional Recovery
4301 Veach Rd
(270) 689-0905

CleanSlate Outpatient Addiction Medicine
3500 Villa Point Suite 110
(270) 228-2368

Groups Recover Together
3032 Alvey Park Dr. W Suite 400
(606) 393-6695

Boulware Mission
609 Wing Avenue
Owensboro, KY 42303

Marion VAMC Owensboro VA Clinic
3400 New Hartford Road
Owensboro, KY 42303

Lighthouse Counseling Services Owensboro
920 Frederica Street
Owensboro, KY 42301

TrueNorth Treatment Center
121 E 2nd St · In Byron & Barclay
(270) 240-1785

Owensboro Hope House - Mountain Comprehensive Care Center
2138 E 19th St
(270) 683-8248

Grace Recovery Services
920 Frederica St #405 · In Public Defenders
(270) 231-8252

Alcoholics Anonymous
320 Crittenden St
(270) 683-0371

Freedom Wellness Center
920 Frederica St #205
(270) 228-2991

Your Drug Rehabilitation Plans
101 E 4th St #110 · In the City of Owensboro
(270) 222-3924

Garrard Therapeutic Partners, LLC
2816 Veach Rd, Suites 207 and 208, 2816 Veach Rd
In Lincoln Professional Center
(270) 228-0340

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