The magic of holidays isn't so magical in Kentucky, based on a recent study from Breaking up or divorce is difficult any time of year but during the holidays make it more challenging.


Why do the holidays bring out the worst in some people? Is it all of the event planning, spending time with family, organizing the house, and shopping? Let's face it, the holidays, especially Christmas, can be stressful. It can affect even a strong couple.

Have you ever been left brokenhearted over the holidays? You're not alone according to this recent study.

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A new study from reveals the exact dates each state receives the most Google searches around ‘how to break up.' The data shows couples living in Iowa, Alaska, Florida, and Rhode Island are most likely to end relationships around Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, those in Utah and Arizona are most likely to ditch their partners just before Christmas (December 12th through the 18th).

Kentucky has peak Google search volumes around breakups from  December 19th to the 25th, meaning most breakups are likely to happen during the peak holiday period. Is it the stress of the holidays or the looming new year? Maybe it's the desire for a fresh start, or you don't want to buy a gift for your significant other. It's not unusual to have stress in the relationship during the intense holiday season.


Using Google Trends data from 21/22, the experts at analyzed the precise time period that searches for terms such as ‘how to break up’ were at their highest.


StateMonthDate range with the highest search volume
West VirginiaJanuary02 Jan- 08 Jan
LouisianaJanuary02 Jan- 08 Jan
ConnecticutJanuary02 Jan- 08 Jan
PennsylvaniaJanuary09 Jan - 15 Jan
IndianaJanuary09 Jan - 15 Jan
OklahomaJanuary16 Jan - 22 Jan
OhioJanuary16 Jan - 22 Jan
North CarolinaJanuary16 Jan - 22 Jan
MissouriJanuary16 Jan - 22 Jan
MarylandJanuary23 Jan - 29 Jan
AlabamaJanuary23 Jan - 29 Jan
HawaiiFebruary30 Jan - 05 Feb
ColoradoFebruary30 Jan - 05 Feb
South DakotaFebruary06 Feb - 12 Feb
NevadaFebruary06 Feb - 12 Feb
MichiganFebruary06 Feb - 12 Feb
MaineFebruary13 Feb - 19 Feb
IllinoisFebruary13 Feb - 19 Feb
WashingtonMarch27 Feb - 05 Mar
TexasMarch20 Mar - 26 Mar
New YorkApril03 Apr - 09 Apr
MontanaMay01 May - 07 May
South CarolinaMay08 May - 14 May
ArkansasMay08 May - 14 May
North DakotaJune05 Jun - 11 Jun
IdahoJune19 Jun - 25 Jun
MississippiJune26 Jun - 02 Jul
DelawareJuly03 Jul - 09 Jul
WisconsinAugust14 Aug - 20 Aug
New JerseyAugust21 Aug - 28 Aug
New MexicoAugust28 Aug - 03 Sept
TennesseeSeptember04 Sept - 10 Sept
GeorgiaSeptember04 Sept - 10 Sept
OregonOctober02 Oct - 08 Oct
KansasOctober02 Oct - 08 Oct
MinnesotaOctober16 Oct - 23 Oct
MassachusettsOctober16 Oct - 23 Oct
CaliforniaOctober16 Oct - 23 Oct
NebraskaOctober24 Oct - 30 Oct
WyomingNovember07 Nov - 13 Nov
IowaNovember07 Nov - 13 Nov
AlaskaNovember07 Nov - 13 Nov
FloridaNovember14 Nov - 20 Nov
Rhode IslandNovember21 Nov - 27 Nov
New HampshireNovember21 Nov - 27 Nov
VermontDecember05 Dec - 11 Dec
UtahDecember12 Dec - 18 Dec
ArizonaDecember12 Dec - 18 Dec
KentuckyDecember19 Dec - 25 Dec
VirginiaDecember26 Dec - 01 Jan

Here's to making it through the holidays in one piece. Just hang in there. It gets better..... usually!

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