The Owensboro Food Bracket started in March with 64 restaurants and this weekend the final match was down to two restaurants: the Big Dipper and Old Hickory BBQ.  We have a winner.

The Final Four were Great Harvest vs. Old Hickory BBQ and Big Dipper vs. Texas Roadhouse.

This was the first annual Owensboro Food Bracket.  They polled over 50 families to create the bracket in early March.  Once votes were in they created the bracket and the competition began.

HUGE CONGRATS to Old Hickory and all the other restaurants who were nominated.

They do plan on doing this again next year.  We look forward to seeing what restaurants make the bracket and maybe even some surprises thrown in the mix.

If you would like to see how all the matches played out head over to the Owensboro Food Bracket Facebook page.

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