If you love donuts you're gonna love this.  Local donut baker, Krystal Dillard, has entered a National Baking Contest, and she is currently in fourth place.  If she wins she gets $10,000 PEOPLE.  Calling all our peeps!  GO VOTE!

I first learned about Hippie Herbivore from Facebook.  You know how it goes you see a friend of a friend of a friend post something they bought locally and you're intrigued.  I got sucked in and before I knew I was ordering a dozen and a half variety donuts (I DON'T EVEN EAT DONUTS PEOPLE!).  Just to explain how good they were I ate a half dozen by myself.  I will not be judged!

Krystal can bake a mess of something.  I had the opportunity to ask her about her business and how we could help her win this contest.  Because lets be honest all of us here in the Tristate are super competitive and we like to win.

I asked Krystal how she got started making donuts;

I love to cook I’m also very crafty so I feel like food is an artistic expression for me. I’ve actually been “blogging” my food for a couple of years on Instagram when I started eating a flexitarian diet. I’ve never really even been a huge baker since I don’t have a big sweet tooth but I have always baked my kids cakes and cupcakes for their birthdays since I was in my younger 20s and would always get compliments on how good they were. Since I’m now vegan I’m into the whole health and wellness thing so I like to cook with whole ingredients and make things from scratch. Baking was self taught and I believe anyone can be a great baker if they can do simple math, follow basic instructions and love what they’re doing like I do! I put my heart and soul into this because as cheesy as it sounds I feel like I’m making an impact in the world by introducing people to healthier options they may have otherwise never been interested in. I’m showing people you can make healthier choices that taste just as good and if not, in my opinion, even better!


In August of this year I saw a recipe for baked vegan cake donuts on Pinterest that caught my attention so I decided to buy the pan and bake some for my family. They were absolutely amazing! I posted them to social media and everyone went crazy so this was a lightbulb moment and I decided to start taking orders and I’ve been doing it ever since.

The contest is a national contest and this is how she found it;

  I just stumbled across the contest on my Instagram account as a pop up ad or something and I thought why not? All entrants were grouped into certain categories where we compete in rounds for Top 10, Top 5(which is now and ends tomorrow 11/12) preliminary group winners, quarter finals, semi finals and finals, which ends Dec 10th. (I’ll attach the schedule). So basically this is the longest running contest ever lol. The grand prize winner gets a double feature spread in Bake from Scratch magazine, $10k in cash and a year supply of cream puffs.


This is the fun part.  If you go over to Krystal's Facebook page and vote and then comment on her posts for the contest that you voted you will be entered to win FREE donuts.  Of course you don't have to do that but how much fun!

All her donuts are vegan.  I will be the first to tell you she makes me want to be totally vegan if everything tasted as good as her donuts.

Here are all the flavors she offers;

All of the flavors I offer were hand selected myself based on what I personally knew I would love and were created from the inspiration of a basic recipe I found on Pinterest. I’ve made multiple adjustments along the way until I created the perfect combination of ingredients for each flavor. Some original flavors didn’t make the final cut because they weren’t up to my standards. All the ingredients are dairy free, vegan and nut free (with exception to carrot cake and banana nut). Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Protein and Keto are available by request for an additional charge.

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