If you love hamburgers like I do, you're going to love this.  Owensboro's Burger Week starts in exactly seven days and our friends at Visit Owensboro are gearing up for the second annual event, which promises to be bigger, better and beefier!

This year, 30+ local restaurants will be participating in Burger Week, which runs from Tuesday, March 1st through Saturday, March 5th here in town. The key feature of Burger Week?  Each participating restaurant will serve a Burger Week burger for just $7.

Visit Owensboro just released the 2022 teaser trailer and our mouths are watering. I saw this over the weekend and knew I had to share it.  Get ready!  Your mouths' likely going to water too.  Watch!

As you saw in the video, last year Visit Owensboro set the goal of selling 5,000 burgers.  At the end of the final day of Burger Week, there had been over 11,000 sold.  We're expecting even more burgers to be served this year and bragging rights are again on the line.

In the inaugural event, O'Bryan's Bar & Grill in West Louisville took home the top prize!

2021's WINNERS


In 2021, the winning burger, which was topped with mozzarella cheese sticks, came from O'Bryan's Bar & Grill in West Louisville. Legend's came in second and Wonder Whip snagged 3rd Place.  All three restaurants have come back to compete again in 2022.

And, as in 2021, you can be part of the competition too.  You're encouraged to share your Burger Week experiences on social media and prizes will be available for some of the folks who do. If you take and share photos of you eating a burger at three or more participating locations, you will be entered into a prize drawing for two great sponsor prizes: 1st Place) a Mini Green Egg Max from Green River Appliance; 2nd Place) a BBQ Grilling Meats Package from Hillview Farms Meats.

For more information and a map of participating restaurants, visit the website OwensboroBurgerWeek.com.

The Delicious $7 Burgers Featured in Owensboro's Burger Week 2022

Visit Owensboro just unveiled the 34 burgers set to compete in Owensboro's Burger Week, which is March 1st through 5th.

#OwensboroBurgerWeek is sponsored by the Kentucky Beef Council, Independence Bank, Hillview Farm Meats and Green River Appliance.

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