I guess it never occurred to me, after all these years, just how hand-in-hand Moonlite BBQ Inn and The Big Dipper seem to go.

These two legendary Owensboro restaurants are legendary for a reason.

But I never thought about how long they have been neighbors until Chad showed me this:

Yep. You can't have Bert without Ernie or macaroni without cheese. And I can't imagine NOT seeing both Moonlite and the Dipper at the same time while driving on West Parrish Avenue.

But what about OTHER Owensboro businesses that have been neighbors for a very long time.

I literally drove all over town and only came up with two more. So I posed the question on Facebook. Still, only two more--The Colonel House Motel/Diamond Lanes and JDQ (Johnson Depp Quisenberry)/Wesleyan Park Plaza. Good ones!

And let's add the following:

McDonald's/Long John Silver's (I know it's a new McDonald's building, but the business has been there forever and a day.)

Dave Spencer

Haley-McGinnis Funeral Home/Theatre Workshop of Owensboro

Dave Spencer

These other four duos may not have been neighbors for 50 years, but it's very close, one way or the other.

Am I missing any? If so, let me know.