Lord Jesus tell us this isn't true!?  Is the Owensboro Chick-fil-A really closing?  The short answer is Yes but not forever and here is what we know.

Angel here and if your family is like ours we could live off Chick-fil-A.  The kids ask for it at least once a week.  I personally love going because the employees are so dang nice and they have their stuff together.   I have heard it said quite often that the people of Chick-fil-A could truly run the world and get it back in order.

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They recently announced on their Facebook page they will be closing the Owensboro location for some brand new updates.  The renovation will cost close to $1.4 million dollars when it is all finished.  There was no word whether the updates would cause them to close down however, this morning they released a statement on their Facebook page that said this:

We are excited to share that our restaurant will be getting an update! We will close on Thursday, June 3rd at 9 pm to start the process. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on our progress. We are excited to serve the community and will tentatively be re-opening in late July.

The news is not going over well with Chick-fil-A lovers in Owensboro.  A few of my friends commented on the post and this to say;

Brittany Cameron-This is going to be rough

Kelsey Scott tagged Laurine Sexton saying-This is not okay...what will we eat on our errand runs??

Hanna Bailey-Jenny Koger how will we survive?


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