Close your eyes and picture a beautiful curly headed full of life little girl filling a room with giggles and screams.  As a mother that is one of the most amazing and precious sounds in the world.  Now imagine that same little girl is told she has cancer.  This is Gia's story.

Giana was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in August 2018. She spent over 7 months at Norton’s Children’s Hospital. She achieved remission in April 2019.
On June 30th, 2019 she relapsed AML with congested heart failure. Her and her mother Larissa having be living in the hospital for some time now. Larissa has three other children that have so graciously sacrificed their time with their momma so she could be with Gia. This family has been through so much heartache, yet they remain steady in their faith in Christ, and know that His will is the only way.
Just like most little girls Gia's age she is obsessed with all things Disney Princess.  She dressed in her Disney wear on a daily basis.  Her dream has been to go to Disney and meet all the princesses.
Tracy Burch, a friend of the family recently set up a gofundme page for Gia's family.
The goal is to get Gia's family to Disney.  In talking with Tracy the family knows that Gia may never make it to Disney which is heartbreaking but being able to send her family would be an amazing way to create memories they have missed for the past few years and honor Gia's dream.
Gia is one of the most beautiful and precious little girls you will ever lay your eyes one.  And her courage and heart through this entire journey is something I am not sure an adult could even shoulder.  She has been an inspiration for a world that needed her spirit.


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