Simply put- this is a story about love.  Here at WBKR, it's our pleasure to share it.
My friend Becca McQueen-Ruark and her husband Matthew have begun their adoption journey and they're looking to their friends and community for some help.  They've launched an adoption fundraiser that invites their friends, family and supporters to celebrate love.  They're selling t-shirts that say, "Love. Everybody. Always."
Becca McQueen-Ruark
Becca McQueen-Ruark
I chatted with Becca Wednesday morning about their adoption journey and the inspiration behind this fundraiser.  The two have always wanted to be parents but found out at the end of last year that fertility issues would prevent them from having biological children.  Both had always thought about adoption, so they've embarked on that journey and plan to start their family as soon as possible. 
The adoption process led them to the creation of this t-shirt campaign that celebrates the love they have to share, not only with their future child, but with the community as a whole.  So far, response has been tremendous!
According to Becca, the "first round of adoption fundraiser t-shirts were put in the mail (Monday) and should hit mailboxes this week!"  And the Ruarks are encouraging everyone who orders a shirt to wear it and share a photo on social media.  The plan is to show "future Baby Ruark how much they were loved from the beginning."
The first round of t-shirts was a smashing success.  So, the Ruarks have already launched the second round.  Adult and youth sizes are available and there are two color options.  You can get your Love. Everybody. Always. shirt in royal blue with white writing (pictured above) or in gray with black writing (like Matthew's wearing in the pic of the couple).  Adult shirts are $20.  Youth shirts are $15.  Shipping is $5 (and can cover up to four shirts in a single order).
Becca included an absolutely hilarious sidebar on her Facebook post.  She posted,
"Note: There is no guarantee you will look as stunningly attractive as we do in these shirts. We can't help that we are supermodels. Ha!"
If you would like to learn more about Becca and Matthew's adoption journey, you can read about them about follow their story.
Plus, if you would like to rock out your very own Love. Everybody. Always. shirt, you can place your order by CLICKING HERE!
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