Many families struggle to put food on the table all year long.  Lots of children in our community depend on the food they receive at school for breakfast and lunch.  I raised the question "Where can families in need go to get a free meal in our community?"

Sunday Pitino Shelter 501 Walnut Street 2 P.M.
Sunday Breckenridge Methodist 1400 Breckenridge St. 4:30-5:30 P.M.
M-Sat Pitino Shelter 501 Walnut Street 11 A.M.
Monday Walnut Memorial Baptist 519 W. Byers Avenue 6 P.M.
T. & Th New Life Baptist Church 400 Crabtree Avenue 6 P.M.
Wed. Owensboro Christian 2818 New Hartford Road 5 P.M.
Thurs. Third Baptist 527 Allen Street 5 P.M.
Friday Journey Fellowship(at Zion UCC) 625 Allen Street 6 P.M.
Saturday Woodlawn Methodist 1120 Woodlawn Avenue 5:30-6:30 P.M.

Everyone is welcome to come and eat at these locations.  Holidays are often the hardest for families as children are home on Christmas Break from school.

Make sure to share with everyone you know!  Let's help keep Owensboro tummies full.