Cam Thompson graduated from Owensboro High School in the middle of a pandemic.  He didn't let that stop him from pursuing his dreams.  Tonight he'll be releasing his very first album 'Dreamer' and we are here for it!

This past summer we had the opportunity to interview Cam and talk with him about his first single Kentucky Weather.  Just like every good country song it has a love story and of course a breakup.  When you're listening you can totally relate to every line he sings.

Cam fell in love with performing at last year's Owensboro Porch Fest where his parents were hosts of a porch he sang alongside Musician, Elliot Sublett, to showcase his talents.  At the very end of the night, Elliot allowed Cam to join him on the porch. Sublett asked Cam what he wanted to sing and he suggested, “Houston We Got a Problem” by Luke Combs.  Cam's family and friends were able to witness his musical talents that night and he hasn't stopped since.  He called Andy Brasher later that week and asked if he could come over and sing with him. Cam says Andy has been super supportive.

Cam’s parents, Krista and Kevin, bought him his first guitar for Christmas of 2019 after his Porchfest performance.  Cue global pandemic a few months into the end of Cam's senior year and he has tons of time to devote to singing and playing the guitar.

Krista Thompson 2

All that time allowed Cam to develop as an artist and a writer.

His mom, Krista says; He has 9 songs on the album. He has been working with Gray Sky Music Productions to create the album. He wrote most of the songs during Covid.

One of the songs on the album called "A Letter To..." is a song about Cam's adoption.  His mom says you'll need tissues when you listen to that one.  Cam says he is so grateful for the support of his family.  He wanted to release the song and album during November which is National Adoption Month. Another song special to him is Hometown Boys. It’s dedicated to all his high school friends. 

Cam just loves writing and singing and is already hard at work on a few others.  He is currently attending the University of Kentucky as a freshman.

Cam's first single, Kentucky Weather, has played on all platforms.  His album will drop at midnight tonight.

We had an opportunity to interview Cam on the Morning Show;

You can download his album and follow him on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. His Instagram page is @thecamthompson.

WBKR loves seeing artists succeed.  We are so proud of all Cam has accomplished and we can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

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