World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans will be making their way back to Owensboro on Thursday around 11AM. Let's line the streets of Owensboro to salute and honor these brave men.

Barb Birgy

Our veterans just made it back to the Louisville airport (10/16 8:30PM), safe and sound. Now, they rest and get ready for the welcome home that they deserve.

Tonia Love,

As they drive by, be sure to honk, wave, say thank you and cheer loudly! This will be the route that they'll take as they make their way to the Owensboro National Guard Armory.

The Owensboro Honor Flight veterans, and their police escort, will head over the William H. Natcher Bridge around 10:30 on Thursday morning, (October 17th, 2019) to make their way back to town. Then they'll travel down Hwy 60, turn on to 2nd St. and then come down Frederica St. They should be driving by WBKR around 11AM. They will continue on, until they turn on to Tamarack Rd. and head straight to the armory.

There are many places to greet these veterans on Thursday, as you can see. You can always come to WBKR and cheer with us. We'd love to have you!