Friends of Sinners, a Christ-centered residential substance recovery program, is growing and needs our help. If you're a church, business, or non-profit, or you want to support their life-saving mission, there's an open house planned for tomorrow.

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Running a successful non-profit is rewarding, but it isn't easy. Raising money is one of the biggest challenges. This is the case for Friends of Sinners. There are so many people hurting and in need of recovery in and around Owensboro. They take in clients from all over the tri-state and help them maintain a life of sobriety through the hope of Jesus Christ. This life-transforming work takes money. This is why they need our help!

Friends of Sinners
Friends of Sinners


On Tuesday, July 11th, 2023, Friends of Sinners will show off their new facility. Their Capital Campaign Kickoff event presentation will be at noon or 5 PM. It will be a 20-minute presentation, followed by the tour.

FOS Executive Director, Joe Welsh, shared the news today.

First I want to invite you to attend our capital campaign kickoff and tour of our new facility on July 11th @12pm or 5 pm: two options but the same presentation.

I've been in non-profit work for over a decade mainly as an executive director and this is easily the biggest meeting of my career. The future and history of FOS will be greatly impacted by what is accomplished or not during and by this meeting...I will cast the vision and tell the story that god gave me of Moses and the 70 elders and how the life of Moses relates to my professional career and our campaign.

I'm pretty much on my knees begging anyone and everyone who has a heart for FOS, been directly or indirectly impacted by FOS to show up and hear what I have to say. If there were ever a meeting/time I needed my people and the community as a whole to show up for me and those we serve it would be this/now.

I will have about a 20-minute presentation, then take questions and answers and give tours to anyone who wants to see the new facility.

Friends of Sinners
Friends of Sinners

Congratulations !! More people are set free, and joining the Kingdom!! - Jeniffer Tichenor

Congratulations! So happy for all of you, especially the clients. Praise God! - Gwen Baker Boling

Congratulations and thank you God for making this possible. - Brandi Oberst

I plan to attend the 5:00 presentation. I hope to see you there!


This is super awesome!!! - Alana Duckwall

Congratulations! - Angela Kellum

Congratulations, that is such a blessing. - Leanne Clasby Mabrey

Friends of Sinners
Friends of Sinners


Friends of Sinners is a Christ-centered residential substance recovery program focusing on the restoration and reconciliation of men and women to Christ through biblical truths, accountability, and life skills. Through this, we are transforming individuals into positive contributors to society.

Apply HERE if you need this life-saving help!


Friends of Sinner's
Friends of Sinners

Friends of Sinners Getting New Home

Friends of Sinners has been located in downtown Owensboro on Clay Street since its beginning. Their prayers have been answered and soon they'll call a brand-new location home.

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