This weekend Puzzle Pieces Lip Sync Battle celebrated its five-year anniversary.  Chad and I were asked to open the show and well we took the challenge and blew the roof off of it.


Amanda Owen, Executive Director, had a vision several years ago about bringing some type of epic and fun fundraising even to the community of Owensboro.  She knew if she found the right one it would take off because the people of our town are so supportive of the mission of Puzzle Pieces.  Lip Sync Battle was born and has literally grown into the largest one-night fundraiser in Owensboro.  There are multiple battles and they all have a theme:  Emergency Services, School, Postal Service, Insurance Battles, Maternity Battles and so many more over the years.  The teams perform a number and then the crowd has a chance to vote for their favorite.  The teams also raise money individually and at the end of the night, there is an Overall Award Given.  The whole night is AMAZING, to say the least and it brings thousands of people together under one roof to create awareness and to make money for one pretty incredible group.


When Amanda came to Chad and I and presented the idea we immediately fell in love.  I mean why wouldn't we, we love any opportunity to be on a stage LOL.  The very first year we battled one another in a surprise opening performance and I have to say we rocked them out.  The next few years we went with fun video performances and last year we did a little diddy at the beginning to introduce the Puzzle Piece clients and board for a super fun opening number.  We knew coming into year five it was inevitable we would have to show our faces on the stage again.  Instead of battling, we brought a little Moulin Rouge.  Here's our performance;


We certainly don't play around when it comes to performing.  I think we would both admit that's when we are most in our element.  But even more so we enjoyed it because our hearts belong to serving this community and the people in it.  We love helping others however we can and this is just one really fun way we got to do that.  If you would like to watch the other performance head to the Wonder Boy Media Facebook Page they are posting them up at random.

Here's Angel's performance with Amanda Owen (Drunk & I Don't Wanna Go Home)


In case you were wondering the night raised $140,000 for Puzzle Pieces!  I'd say it was a great way to celebrate five years.  Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support the show and this mission.  Of course, the show could not happen without the work of Amanda Owen, the Puzzle Pieces Staff, Board, and Clients, Drew Hardesty (Wonder Boy Media), Adam Johnston (Blue Line Entertainment), and so many more amazing people.


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